Grotbags is in the wars...

16 May 2012

Last night after having an heavenly Thai takeaway Grotbags was running around the house in hyper mode until she ran into the door handle and

Oops we had hysterics, I thought she had broken her arm at first.

But after a cold compress she quietened down. The bruising has come out nicely but her arm looks really sore this morning.

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  1. Oooh :( poor grotbags .... Looks very sore x

  2. It is Maria and she is very dramatic lol x

  3. Oh bless her, that looks really sore :(

  4. It is Sis, quite swollen and bruised bless her but at least she not hysterical anymore lol x

  5. Ouch poor Grace! Hope it's much better now xxx

  6. Oh that's a shinner. Glad she is ok and just has a beautiful bruise. Maybe she will be less hyper in the future xxx


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