Is it right to feel like a single parent when married?

17 April 2012

I have brought up 3 boys on my own and yes it was hard work but very rewarding, I was all the boys had, their mother, father and friend and since I remarried 7 years ago and had Grotbags I equally find myself doing all of the above on a regular basis. My OH works shifts and they are always opposite to my work hours and therefore we spend very little time as a family! I am so tired with doing all the school runs, working full time and running a house but what other alternatives do we have? I just feel so alone sometimes :(

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  1. Is there no scope for him to do his job in a daytime role, or possibly look for a new job, parenting is a joint job xx

  2. No not really! Thing is I knew what he did when I met him so have to live with it x


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