Holidays & Spring Cleaning

11 April 2012

Me and Grotbags have had a hectic week so far sorting our house after the boys moved out and left a right mess! I feel so disheartened at having to do all this work when I have a week off to spend with G! But we are chugging along nicely and G is even joining in the painting.

We have now done two bedrooms and had lots of fun on the way as G decided to paint a picture (before I painted over it).

Carpet man coming to measure up in the morning and I am moving on to the bathroom and toilet. Now I really need to put my feet up with a big glass of baileys on ice.

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  1. Have you moved in yet sis or just getting it ready?

  2. No not yet sis, should be in the next couple of weeks x

  3. Oh where are you moving to, looks like you are having fun, times like this make memories Grace is probably really enjoying herself, you should have said I would have come decorate for the day xx

  4. Back to Elton, still decorating Kara so you're quit welcome to come and help ;). X x


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