Gracie wants a Chihuahua

10 April 2012

Today was supposed to be so different, we were going to have a girly day until Grace met Bentley and Sophie.
G and Sophie

G and Bentley

These were taken at my friends who is a hairdresser and all G has said since we had our hair done is 'I want a chihuahua! She is driving me insane!
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  1. Haha, thats so sweet ... I don't think you are going to hear the end of this!

  2. No neither do I, she reminds me of that little girl off Wiily Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Help!

  3. Bless, I am not a fan, we have 2 of them, 1 boy short haired, 1 girl long haired, Addy is always terrorising them x

  4. Why have you got them if you don't like them! Lol. I didn't know you had doggies x

  5. They are our family dog's, I suppose really my Mom's, we can't have our own pets as we don't own our home, I like big dogs more, if you get to come down I will make sure Grace gets a cuddle xx


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