3 April 2012

A few weeks ago I had a mad moment and bought a Britmums ticket. I have only recently started blogging and wonder if I will be out of my comfort zone being around all you fabulous bloggers. I mean what do I really know about the blogging community? The answer is zilch. I love reading all the blog posts that come up on my twitter account and I think maybe I am out of my depth as my life is not half as interesting as yours.
One thing that I can relate to is how close and supportive people are in this community and I have seen a tremendous amount of encouragement, care and consideration shown to me by some bloggers.
So will I attend Britmums or chicken out? I am not sure yet, my sister will be going but she is far more advanced in this community than I will ever be and I really don't want to be stood round like a gooseberry on a date. I have a few weeks left to decide what to do and will give it careful consideration.

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  1. Sis you really have nothing to worry about. Go! You will have a brilliant time xx

  2. You really should go, you will have so mcuh fun and Dawnie would never do that to you, wish I could come xxx


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