Wedding Outfit Help

7 March 2012

My OH's brother is getting married in July and I desperately need ideas for outfits. I would appreciate anyones comments and ideas. Below are a few I have seen and fancy, but I am open to other peoples views/criticism. The one below is from Coast and I really like it but not sure of the colour?

The next couple are from Marks and Spencers and are less expensive, but not sure whether they are actually wedding attire?

Really like this one.

Help me please somebody, I have a flabby belly so want something to hold me in lol!

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  1. Me too sis we have expensive taste :)

  2. Top one is by far by fav too x

  3. I was looking in Debenhams yesterday at dresses and they have some gorgeous ones! I need one for a wedding in June - hope to lose weight i've put back on first though lol!


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