Snowy Cat Nooo!

24 March 2012

One of my cats is very anti-social, she bites when she wants food and does not like to be picked up and loved. Snowy adores Grotbags and follows her around the garden but she does not even allow her to sit and stroke her. In a morning she goes upstairs to wake my other half up and will not come down until he is up and then she has a piggy back downstairs on his shoulders. Can I change this behaviour in my cat? I love her dearly but never know when she is going to bite next and it hurts!

What a problem cat she is and she has really taken a shine to my angora cushions, all she needs is a tiara for I believe that she thinks she is royalty. Snowy I really will put up with the biting but do you have to sit on my cushions.....

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