A Place to Think

1 March 2012

With my illness I need to escape to a place where I can gather my thoughts, the picture says it all. 'Serenity'

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  1. How i know that feeling. Do you suffer with depression ? I have since I was young.

  2. I have on and off but the medication I was taking to stop smoking as made me so poorly, thats why I need things to occupy my mind and take away the negative thoughts honey x x

  3. Where is it - looks heavenly :O)

  4. Padley Gorge, needed to clear my head earlier as it is in a really strange place at the mo, poor hubbie doesn't know what to do for the best x

  5. Thought I recognised it there, used to go for picnics in the summer!

    Can you tweet me your username/password again because I am going to have to switch this bloody word verification off on the comments!!!!


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