Operation Day

20 March 2012

Monday morning came round rather quickly this week and I had to be at the hospital for 7.45am. After getting up at 5.00am I rushed round sorting Grotbags things out for school and after quickly checking my work emails I was on my way to the day surgery ward.

On arrival I found myself sitting next to a neurotic woman (strange as well) who told me she would not be staying for her op! She then started regaling me with her life story about her cats and guinea pigs (which sleep with her) and about all her illnesses and ailments. At this point I began to pray to be taken into theatre out of her way as I was slowly losing the will to live! My prayers were answered and I was moved up the list due to another patient waiting for blood results to come back.

Now local anaesthetic is not nice at the best of times but in your eye it's really painful. A nice theatre assistant held my hand so that I had something to squeeze (the OH's neck would have been more appropriate) and the op and biopsy were over with for the 2nd time in 3 months. So now another waiting period begins for the results to come back. This seems to have been going on for so long now that I am no longer worried but really need this chapter in my life to be finalised.

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  1. Oh lovely, I do hope all is ok ? I did not realise you had an Op. xxxx

  2. I am fine thanks, just bored, it's ok being off work but I miss the amazing people I work with x


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