20 March 2012

I have been able to knit since I was knee high to a grasshopper. My late Nanna taught me before she died, god bless her. When my boys were little I used to knit all their jumpers, cardigans etc but I can truthfully say that I have not knit anything for a long time.

Part of me wants to start knitting again but I do not like knitting large garments and do mummies really like hand knitted garments anyway? I love fancy and intricate designs and would love to have loads of little girls to knit for (I have thought about knitting Xmas presents) but would these really be appreciated?

What I would like is for any mums to pick me something to knit for their little girls/babies and provide me with the wool and I would knit it for free! If anybody knows of any unusual patterns please feel free to contact me....

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  1. I adore knitted cardis and jumpers on babies. If I have another you can definitely knit me some. You can always knit me some cute newborn hats for work.... I'll pay you of course! I wish I could knit xxx

  2. That's a marvellous idea sis, see if you can find any patterns on net that you like and I will have a look too, but I don't want paying x x

  3. Just ordered two books off amazon with some gorgeous patterns in x

  4. Oh god you do knit cardi's now I am super upset I didn't know when Addy was born. Be warned I shall be coming to you for baby 3 xxx


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