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23 March 2012

After I was given inspiration by a couple of gorgeous mummy bloggers, I have been searching for items to knit that I think will appeal to all ages and not just baby accessories. I have found a couple of free patterns that came with the Simply Knitting magazine this week that are different and could be tailored to the individuals needs. I adore the bag below and will be wool hunting this weekend for an appropriate colour.

I also adore the next bag but I think in a brighter colour?

Would very much like some input from other people as to whether or not they think there is a market for these type of items or are they too old fashioned?..

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  1. Ok I am only 31 so I hope I am young enough to say I love, the top one especially I would use a great deal, you need ti get knitting and set up a little shop on Folksy, go check Folksy or Etsy out and see what Knit wear is selling. But I shall be sending plenty of business your way, I can't believe you can knit things like these thats an amazing talent xxx

  2. I think they are cute, though would be worried they wouldn't last very well if they got wet or used a lot!

  3. I want the blue one in that exact colour!!!! I think theyre lovely! xx

  4. Don't think they would hold a lot without stretching, going to knit one and see what I think x

  5. Can't you line them with something; wouldn't that make them stronger?


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