Baked By Me Review

11 March 2012

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a £15 voucher for Baked By Me and I immediately ordered some mini egg cookie and white chocolate cookie mix from their website. These arrived really promptly and well packaged as they are presented in beautiful Kilner jars, these will come in very handy afterwards.

This morning me and Grace decided to make the mini egg cookies. All you need to add to the mixture that is provided is 1 egg and 120g of butter, you also have to remove the mini eggs before adding to the above ingredients as these are for decoration. I couldn't believe how many mini eggs there were! I caught Grace sneakily popping one in her mouth but seeing as she has been really poorly all night and not eaten anything since yesterday she was forgiven lol.

They were really easy to make and the aroma coming from the oven was mouth watering, they only take 10-15mins to bake. The result was fabulous and you put the mini eggs on whilst they are warm.

Seeing as Grace has lost her appetite through illness even she was tempted to try one.

I am really pleased with the finished product. I have not been asked to write this review, I offered because I need the practice. These cookie mixtures would make great presents or treats for the people you love.

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  1. What an awesome idea! Grace looks dreadful. Poor love x

  2. These look awesome, I am so going to try them, thanks for the review lovely xxx


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