Baby Hat

21 March 2012

Yesterday I posted about knitting and today I follow on from that as my sister said she would like some hats for her photography business. So today I have been on a mission to find some nice patterns which are different, bright, pretty etc. Below is one I am going to start with out of a lovely book by Sue Batley-Kyle.

And these are the colours I am using below, finished project to follow.

I have loads of ideas and designs in mind which I will modify and add my own finishing touches.

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  1. Oh my god you knit. Ok next baby you have to make me some goodies. Can you do cute cardi's too ?

  2. Yes anything really lol, got some fab ideas, told you I needed ideas x x

  3. and now you have them, so get posting xxx

  4. This is totally adorable xx

  5. It's finished just sewing it together, got loads more lined up sis x

  6. LOL well don't bankrupt me just yet ;O)


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