Well I have made it through my first week against my battle of nicotine addiction! I have had highs and lows. The champix I am using has some really strange side effects, I have had dinner with David Beckham and even slept with a rather dishy man lol (in my dreams)! I have woken at 3.00am having a panic attack and it's took me 2 hours to come round. I have come close to murdering the OH and MIL over pathetic things and I have cried over nothing. This horrible sick feeling that I get when I take my medication just won't go away but I intend to persevere.

On the bright side my asthma is better, my skin is glowing, my breath is fresh, I can taste food (and drink) and I feel I have achieved a milestone even though it's only 1 week. Here's to a rosier future without cigarettes.

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  1. Well done sis!!!! I've done two weeks tomorrow and it's getting so much easier. Stick at it xxx

  2. Well done Cathy, you are doing a fantastic job x


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