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18 February 2012

This week I managed to get a couple of days off work for the school holidays which was good as I wanted to spend some time with grotbags. On Monday she decided that she would love to go ice skating so off we went to ice Sheffield! Considering its been years since I last went I managed to stay on my feet the whole time and I hired a penguin friend for grotbags to make things easier for her. After she had used Mr Penguin to go round the ice rink once it was left with me and she went skating off like a pro leaving me behind.

Tuesday we spent the day relaxing with films, popcorn and chocolates and of course with it being valentines day I had a marvellous bunch of roses and a romantic meal out (minus grotbags).

Wednesday I had a fab delivery of some biscuits that I had won and grotbags found the biggest! Needless to say her eyes were bigger than her belly! Of course Thursday and Friday I had to show willing and go to work.

And today I am deciding whether to go to Britmums Live in June, my fab sister Dawnie Brown from will be one of the speakers there and it would be a great weekend (and the first getaway on my own for years). Decisions, decisions.................

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  1. Do it. You will love it! I wish I was going but I can't justify another weekend away not knowing where we will be etc x

  2. I have done it!!! Ticket booked, scary but exciting, wish you were going to be there too x x

    1. I'll see what happens sis - I might be able to at the last minute! You'll have an amazing time xx

  3. You should link this over at Mummy Daddy and me. She does a week that was.
    Woohoo that you are going to Brit Mums wish I was.
    Looks like a great week xxx

  4. Replies
    1. It's easy, go to the post at the bottom there is in blue writing Click Here to enter, just put in the details and your done xxxx

  5. Ill be there too and it will be fab. Looks like you have had a very busy week and love the roses x

  6. i like your header photo btw!
    it must have been lovely to have had some time off to spend with your children and do some fun things. that cookie is huuuuge no wonder she couldn't eat it all. x

  7. It was taken by my sis at Mummy Loves and is one of my favourites of grotbags, thank you x

  8. Thanks for linking up and i agree with Mummy Mishaps, your header is fab. I can't believe Sonia has another sister, she is one of my favourite twitter ladies! Nice to 'meet' you! x

  9. Nice to meet you too, thank you for popping over. Hopefully I will get the hang of this x x


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