Midlife Crisis - All Ideas/Help Welcome

6 February 2012

I fear lots of things as I get older especially wrinkles (I really need a good fix for these), grey hair (nothing my hairdresser cannot solve, although her doing my hair comes with a great deal of stress and strategic planning as she is my son's ex-girlfriend), my jelly belly (definitely needs attention! maybe liposuction) and I fear mostly losing my children, I think what I fear most is not being in control of my life anymore and problems seem to spiral out of control.

I need a new challenge in life and wish I could get the hang of blogging, I am not doing this for financial gain but love the excitement of competitions and winning things and I can see how popular my sister's blogs are. I just have to find my niche as I don't really want to repeat myself.

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  1. I am enjoying your blog lovely, you have some really interesting posts. Maybe tweet them a little more to get them out there. I don't think you need a niche, people like to read about other peoples lives, its a nosey thing xox


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