Weekend Away

23 January 2012

I was so looking forward to our weekend in Windsor and day in London, little did I know how I would feel once there. One of my dear friends died in the Edgware Road bombing a few years ago and I was a little bit worried about going on the tube to start with. Friday morning came and I was so happy to be going away with my family and spending quality time together, we arrived in Windsor and the hotel was fantastic ,it was opposite the Guild Hall and castle and we had a fantastic day wandering round and exploring. After a lovely start to Saturday we headed into the capital and I was ok till we needed the catch the tube, I cannot describe the overwhelming fear that I felt underground and felt more and more anxious as time went on, we left the tube at Waterloo and walked past the London eye, houses of parliament and big ben and at this point I had a complete melt down and burst in to tears. From this point on I had several panic attacks throughout the day which ruined the whole experience for me. I think I am turning into some drama queen as I can honestly say I have never felt like this in my life! Sunday was a better day and I loved looking round Windsor castle and having a leisurely lunch before heading back home. The weekend was full of emotions of all extremes and I can really say I was glad to be back at work today.

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  1. Well done for having a go and getting out. would be so easy not to bother. Please don't be put off

  2. Thank you for your comment x x

  3. I can understand this, we were staying in the hotel above edgeware road station at the bombings. It was scary and I was unsure if I would go on tubes again. Well done for having a good time, you will get more confident with time xoxox


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