Smoking Cessation Classes

17 January 2012

Well tonight is the first class and the time when I will be deciding what product to use to help me overcome my addiction! Obviously I am feeling a little dubious about this but I know that I need to stop smoking for the following reasons, health, financial and I always feel conscious of the smell too! I have stocked up with fruit so that I don't over indulge in too many sweet things and OH has been warned that there may be one or two tantrums thrown along the way! I need to do this for ME......

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  1. 4 members of my family who have been long term smokers, gave up after reading the book twice. Allen Carr Book, have you tried it ?

  2. I've got an appoitment at the Docs on friday sis, for exactly the same reason! Getting fed up of smoking again now!! Time to quit!! Good look!! I had Zyaban (spelling?) last time and it was awesome and so easy! xxx

  3. I have the Allen Car book and intend to read it fully this time and also with the help of the new spray you can get, fingers crossed I will be a non smoker this time next week! Good luck on Friday sis x x


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