Quality Time

15 January 2012

Yesterday was one of the first days since November that we have actually spent more than two hours as a family. As you can imagine I was feeling rather neglected and so was grotbags. We went a brisk and refreshing walk and ended up in Pizza Hut as a treat because now the OH has decided he likes pizza! We have been together 8 years and he suddenly tells me that he is not allergic to cheese he just thought he did not like it! Hmmm This is fab news as I can now include cheese in my weekly meal plan. Below is a pic of what quality time means, cuddles with dad.

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  1. I am loving your posts. You are inspiring me to think more about mine. Gorgeous picture. Glad you had some family time. It is so very important.

  2. It sure is and I don't think you need inspiring when you're such an inspiration x x x

  3. Ha ha ha!!!! He likes Pizza now and he's not allergic to cheese???? He's bonkers!!!! I tried to do your blog today but could get the code I needed so will try tomorrow xxx


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