Perthe's Disease

10 January 2012

When my first son was 2 1/2 years old he suddenly started limping, he told me he had banged himself on the arm of the settee. When this did not clear up after a couple of days I took him to the doctors, they said he was probably telling the truth and to see how it went. He carried on limping and so I took him back to the doctors who then sent me to the hospital for x-rays. We arrived at the hospital, x-rays were taken and the consultant came into the room and said he had bad news! I had never felt so scared in all my life and my mind was racing picturing different scenarios. My son had Perthe's disease, something I had never heard of and that they needed to keep him in hospital and put him on traction straight away. I can remember it so clearly as if it was yesterday and I told the consultant I would have to take my son home to get some clothes etc as he had never been left alone before. We spent two weeks on the children's ward before he was put in a frog plaster and sent home with regular check up appointments made. After several months his hips were still unstable and the consultant decided he needed a double hip operation and this resulted in him having a plaster cast on from his toes to his chest (with a hole cut out so he could go to the toilet). The operation was a success, but I felt our family had lost 18 months of our precious time together, my second son was only 7 month old when my first born was diagnosed and was passed from relative to relative whilst I was in hospital with him. My son is now a strapping young man and plays sports, runs marathons etc, so if anyone comes across this nasty illness, please do not be scared like I was as there is lots of help and support available here. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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