Old Job vs New Job

9 January 2012

I used to really enjoy my old job, I loved the people I worked with and the clientele, you may be wondering what this glamorous role was? Well I worked with offenders, this may not be glamorous but it made me realise how lucky I was. Some young people had witnessed so much crime as children it became second nature to them and half of the time it was the only way they got any attention. One young man who I will not name rings me even though I don't work there anymore and I often spend time discussing his anxieties, even meeting him for coffee in a local town with my daughter because I will probably be the closest thing to a mother he has had, probably one of the few people that has treated him as a human being. Yes I know he is a rogue but I think if he had had better role models in his early years he would now be a charming young man instead of being frowned upon by society. So I miss a lot of aspects of my old job and in some ways I wish I could roll back time.

My new job gives me limited contact with people less fortunate than myself and this part I do not enjoy for I find myself longing to help people either by listening or providing them with the means to help themselves. I now work within management team within the NHS providing drug treatment for heroin addicts. Figures, risk analysis and ensuring clients get the best possible care is ok I suppose but I still crave contact with clients. The nurses and drug workers I work alongside all do a fantastic job with increasingly difficult financial constraints placed upon the service by the government, nothing phases these staff members and they are always right and cheerful. So now instead of helping clients I help staff which to me is less fulfilling but probably just as important.

This year will be pivotal in deciding my future ambitions for I do not believe in stagnating in a position if it is not what I truly desire. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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  1. Wow. You are full of surprises. You are a very interesting lady. My whole life I wanted to do a form of social work or a criminal
    Pscyhologist. I think you are made that way too and the role you are doing is not fulfilling. Sometimes we take jobs for money. I have found although we all need it this shouldn't be the focal of our lives. I do hope you start to feel fulfilled again.


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