What To Wear To The Beach In Your 50s

14 August 2018

I have reached the age where my body is showing signs of ageing. But, I am proud of every little mark I have earnt. My battle scars are part of motherhood and should be seen as a sign of beauty and not hidden away from the world. These slight imperfections do not stop me from wanting to dress well and look good whilst on holiday. I love bikinis and whilst I would not wear the skimpy variety through choice, there are lots of beautiful high waisted bikinis that are really in fashion at the moment and can hide a multitude of sins if you are a little self-conscious.

I love the vibrant pattern of the Costa Rica Control Brief  from Simply Beach which can be teamed with a matching top. Cover with a lightweight kaftan and it would be perfect for lazy days in some amazing, exotic location.

Sun hats are not only a great way of keeping the sun off your face, they shield you from the heat of the day and add elegance to any outfit. Summer straw hats look amazing on their own or add a dash of colour with a scarf around the brim.

I dare say my daughter will want to visit the water park whilst we are on holiday and it is therefore essential to pack different swimwear such as a full costume for high activity. I always feel comfier in something more substantial that cannot slip and reveal parts of my body that I would prefer not to share (at least not in a water park).

Photo by Joan MM on Unsplash

Sandals are a must for the beach along with a pair of beach shoes. I hate those moments when I have gone in to the sea for a swim and struggled coming out due to the rocks underneath. I think with knowledge and age I now go prepared for most eventualities.

Floaty dresses and loose fitting shirts over shorts are fabulous for keeping cool and can take you from day to night time.

Photo by Danka & Peter on Unsplash

Obviously the main thing to wear is sunscreen, this will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and stop you from burning. It is best to avoid the midday sun as this is when it is at its strongest. I find late afternoons are perfect for a little relaxation and at this time you will find me with my hat, sunglasses and a good book sprawled out on a lounger.

Finally, just because we are over 50 do not write us off, we are in our prime and have weathered numerous storms to become more vibrant and outgoing.  Enjoy the beach ladies, flaunt your stuff and don't be afraid of what other people think.  Be proud of who you are and make a statement for the older generation.

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5 Ways To Keep Cool At Home This Summer

13 August 2018

I cannot believe how lucky we have been with the weather this summer. Long hot days leading to equally hot nights can leave you feeling slightly uncomfortable indoors. So what can you do to help improve the temperature indoors in warm weather?

1  - Bedroom
Use cotton sheets, they are much cooler and get rid of the duvet (at least until colder weather). I always open the windows and have the curtains shut in the daytime, this helps to shield the room from the afternoon sun. Fans can help, but unfortunately I cannot sleep with it whirring at the side of me. I bought a cooling dog mat from the petrol station (you may well laugh), but they are fabulous and also great for hot flushes ;).

2 -  Living Room
Sliding patio doors from Quickslide Windows and Doors are perfect, they allow you to open up the whole room to fresher, cooler air and light. They are also fabulous when entertaining as the party can carry on outside as well as inside. Strategically placed fans on the floor can help to circulate any cooler air around the room.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

3 - Kitchen
Instead of standing cooking, prepare simple salads and throw some meat on the barbecue outside. Not only does it taste amazing it’s the perfect excuse for a glass of prosecco or a gin and tonic, a lot more pleasant than getting hot and sticky cooking. Use a fly screen on your door to prevent flies from entering your home.

4 - Bathroom
Turn down the temperature on your shower. A nice cool/cold shower is so refreshing and leaves you feeling all tingly and fresh, at least for a short while. Keep the extractor fan running to avoid any heat circulating from the bathroom.

5 - Air Conditioning Unit
If you still feel no relief from the heat then affordable air conditioning units are an option, although I don’t feel that we have enough hot weather to justify the cost of buying one. 

I must admit I do not want the hot weather to end. It reminds me of the summers of my childhood when we played out endlessly, paddled in the river, enjoyed picnics and made amazing memories. Gee loves doing the things we once did and I still love a paddle, not forgetting Marlow of course.

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What's New in August

8 August 2018

Life has been so busy for the last month, family emergencies, meetings with Gee and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion seem to have taken control over any spare time I usually have.  Hasn't the weather been simply amazing? I really enjoy the long summer evenings and have been making the most of the late sunshine.  We have tried some great products this last month and I would love to discover anything you have sampled what you would like to share and join in with my linkie.

To Tempt Your Tastebuds
Bloody Mary Marshmallows – Marshmallowist
Marshmallowist have launched a new range of innovative marshmallows with a unique flavour designed to tantalise your taste buds. We have tried the Bloody Mary marshmallow which has a sweet and smoky flavour with a little bit of heat, perfect if you are entertaining and love to try something different. There are also other interesting combinations like Blueberry and Gin, Raspberry and Champagne and Toasted Coconut along with a limited collection which includes Tequila Lime and Chilli, Scorched Peach and Star Anise and Earl Grey and Butterfly Pea. You can find Marshmallowist products at John Lewis, Selfridges and Harrods or online at www.themarshmallowist.com priced at £7.50 per box.

Milkybar Wowsomes
Who doesn't love white chocolate and New Milkybar Wowsomes are a huge hit in this house.  With 30% less sugar and a delicious crispy oat cereal and creamy centre they are perfect for when you feel the need for a bit of indulgence. Available from leading supermarkets.

Botonique Blush
When alcohol is a no no, Botonique Blush is the perfect accompaniment to a meal.  Serve in a chilled Champagne flute, it is very much like sparkling rosé, but has no grapes or alcohol. Instead, the delightful bouquet of strawberry, rose and bramble is followed by high notes from citrus, base notes from ginseng and milk thistle seed, and many layers of flavour in between from different herbs and spices. A delightfully tasty drink with a reminiscent of a sparkling rosé wine.  Priced at £7.99 for a 750ml bottle it is available from Botonique.

To Keep Fresh

Batiste Dry Shampoo
One of my favourite products at the moment is Batiste Dry Shampoo, perfect for this hot weather and a quick freshen up during the day and so handy to take to festivals, it comes in lots of gorgeous scents and in handy travel size sprays perfect for your handbag. Available from leading supermarkets and chemists.

Personal hygiene wipes are just perfect for the hot summer months and leave you feeling comfortable and clean. These are also available in handy travel size packs which means you will never be without loo roll again.

Arm & Hammer Toothpaste
We have been trying the vegan friendly Arm & Hammer Simply Natural toothpaste and it is a hit with Gee.  The low abrasiveness with natural extracts of peppermint and pure grade baking soda leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh.  Priced at £3.00 it is available 

To Quench your Thirst

Nescafe Azera Nitro
Oh my goodness, where to start, I absolutely love this new coffee experience from Nescafe. A rich creamy coffee with a velvety texture, perfect for on the go. The nitrogen bubbles flow through the rich coffee to create velvety foam. Available in Tesco and Sainsbury’s priced £1.99.

Skinny Coffee Club
Have you tried the latest weight loss programme for coffee lovers? The Skinny Coffee Club offer an instant coffee day and night time blend with all natural ingredients, coffee, green tea extract, garcinia cambogia to help reduce appetite and boost energy levels. It does not contain any toxic chemicals or senna (which is a huge relief). Drinking the coffee along with a healthy diet and regular exercise can help you to lose up to a stone in 28 days. Available from Holland and Barratt priced £44.95 for a month’s supply. The coffee tastes good which surprised me, I did not know what to expect and I am particularly fussy about coffee. I am currently on day 7 and my stomach does not feel as bloated and I seem to have more energy. Definitely worth a go before your holidays.

To Boost Your Health

Fennel Seed Extract
Power Health supply fennel seed extract can cleanse and improve your digestive system and has long been praised as a natural remedy. It has a high level of nutrients, vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin B which can help to improve your immune system. Priced at £6.99 it is available online at www.powerhealth.co.uk.

For your Skin

Age Defying Micellar Water
The perfect gentle face cleanser with pomegranate, geranium water, algae, glycerine and aloe vera. The tiny balls of cleaning oil contained in this product, gently lift away make up and any impurities on the skin leaving your face feeling fresh and clean with no need for rubbing. Priced at £6.95 it is available from http://www.beautynaturals.com.

That is all for this month.  I can't wait to show you what I find next month.   Please feel free to link any products you have discovered and I will be sure to visit you soon :).

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Prepare for the UK Summer with these Money Saving Tips

11 July 2018

The sun is out and it’s here to stay. It’s summer time! The kids are out of school for 6 weeks, people will be planning for holidays and overall, everyone is in a better mood at this time of the year!

What will make this summer even better is being able to save as much money as you can so you can use it for planning trips and experiences over the coming weeks.

Here are our top 3 money saving tips to help you prepare for the UK summer.

Use the Sun 

Before everything else, this is an amazing tip to save you money. Turn off your heating. This may seem obvious but by this, we don’t mean turn it down. We mean off. The money you save during the summer months can give you a free month’s worth of gas and electric when you really need during the winter time. 

Also, turn off that tumble dryer, take your clothes off your radiators and take your washing outside. In this warm weather, the sun can act as a natural source to dry off your clothes after washing. Hang them on the washing line or stick your clothes rack outside. Not only will you be saving money but also your clothes will smell fresher than ever! 

Ok, now let’s get into the good stuff. 

Tip 1. Save on Fashion

Summer fashion is one of our favourite’s. We get to wear our shorts without getting freezing cold and there is no need for jackets. 

The first tip is you should look to get some cheap plain t-shirts. White t-shirts are a must this summer. They go with everything and are a classic. 

There will be a lot of deals where you can get multipacks that will have at least two for under £10. Your wardrobe will get a good freshen up and at the same time, keeping up with the latest styles.

Plus, we get to wear some really awesome accessories.

Which brings us to our next tip: sunglasses.

When choosing a new pair, you should first think about how they actually protect your eyes rather than the label. Protecting your eyes is just as important as protecting your skin. 

There are plenty of options out there that be provide 100% UV protection that will not cost you over £100 to purchase. The bigger the lenses the better as they increase the coverage of your eyes. 

You will be able to find some great deals online for sunglasses that will save you a lot of money but also keep you looking sweet.

Tip 2. Save on Travel

If you’re planning on going away for the summer, it can end up being a really expensive experience. Here is how you can save on travel where possible:

First off, plan exactly where you are heading. Look for deals and coupons for hotels and accommodation, how you plan to get around while you’re there, etc. If you know what you’re dojng before you start, you will save a bunch of money.

When travelling abroad, try and get as much stuff into your hand luggage as you can. Checking in a bag can end up being a lot of money, especially for families. Each person that travels is entitled to their own hand luggage so share the load.

If you do have to check in luggage, squeeze as much as you can into as little bags as possible. It can end up costing you a lot more than you think.

Finally, download all music, TV shows and films on to your phone before you travel. Data can be expensive to stream regardless if you are in the UK or not and can be incredibly costly abroad! By having everything already downloaded onto your phone, you do not need to worry about any extra costs that will come with data streaming.

Tip 3. Look for what you can do at home

But what about if you don’t want to go anywhere? Don’t worry we have you covered.

You don’t have to go away this summer to have fun. There are always exciting activities being planned around your local community. I think the word to best describe it would be a ‘staycation’.

Visit the local museums, go on a bike ride or take a trip to a park or landscape that is near by that you’ve never been to before. The best things about these activities is that they are free and only require a bit of planning to make it into a fantastic time.

Another great activity you could do is go camping. It does not cost a lot to set up a tent, bring a few sleeping bags and pillows and camp underneath the night sky. The UK is blessed to have so many places where you can camp. One of the best places that comes to mind are national parks, where the scenery is just stunning and protected. Bring a picnic that you prepare at home such as a few sandwiches, some snacks, some water and you will be good to go. Just don’t leave any mess…


We hope you find these tips useful and really help you save money this summer. If you have any more, be sure to let us know!


Alice Lloyd: Copywriter

Alice Lloyd is a health and lifestyle writer for MyVoucherCodes. Alice has worked in the media for five years after receiving her Masters in Journalism at the University of Gloucestershire. After taking a year out to backpack across New Zealand and Australia, Alice now enjoys writing travel features and trend pieces for MyVoucherCodes. 

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