5 Natural Remedies for Healthy Hair

5 February 2017

There is no denying hair is hugely impacted by the environment, poor diet and health. But besides improving our diet and eating healthily there are several natural remedies that we can all use to give us luscious silky locks.

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash - Alex Holyoake
  1. Dry hair is increasingly common due to lifestyle choices we make, straighteners, hair dryers and tongs can all dry the hair and it is especially important to use a product designed to protect it from the heat. Once a week I massage Coconut Oil in to my hair and scalp and leave it to work wonders for around an hour before washing as normal.
  2. Greasy hair can be common if your body is going through a lot of changes.  After I had a total hysterectomy my hair seemed lank and oily all the time.  Without using harsh treatment shampoos, you can easily manage this condition.  My favourite was to use Aloe Vera gel by making a mask with a little lemon juice.  This has a really calming effect on the scalp.
  3. Frizzy hair is a nightmare, the slightest bit of rain or even humidity can immediately cause frizziness. If you mix apple cider vinegar with equal amounts of water and use in the final rinse of your hair this can help battle frizziness and also give plenty of shine.
  4. Scaly scalp can be a severe irritation, often itchy but without headlice. Lemon juice can provide relief from itchiness and a mask made out of banana and avocado can be soothing if used regularly.
  5. Hair loss - this can be traumatic for anyone and there are so many factors that can cause it to happen.  Using a mixture of egg white and olive oil can promote hair growth. If hair loss is a big problem then you can also consider FUE hair transplant cost.
I love trying out natural remedies for common conditions and we have such a wealth of information at our fingertips on the internet. I would love to know if you have any natural tips for some of these common problems.

This is a collaborative post.


  1. I've heard so much about Coconut Oil, I'm going to have to try it on my hair, which is feeling a little dry to say the least!

  2. I think I need to give coconut oil ago, my hair has been so dry lately. Definitely too much styling

  3. Fab tips. I've been trying to use heat a lot less on my hair and also wash it a lot less too x

  4. I am trying coconut oil on mine at the moment

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