Plans for Halloween

28 September 2013

With Halloween just around the corner me and Grotbags are planning a Halloween Party.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head I just need to put them all down on paper and make a plan.  You can shop for kids Halloween Costumes online or in the shops, I find it easier to do most things online mainly because it is so much easier. 

Decorations can easily be made, spiders out of pipe cleaners and tissue paper, cobwebs and a cauldron (which can be made easily out of paper mache and a balloon), I really need to visit a craft shop soon and start making.

Food for Halloween is easy, hotdogs, home made soup, jacket potatoes, scary face pizzas and jelly with spooky haribos in.  I will probably make some toffee and chocolate apples too as the kids love them.  Scary cakes which Grotbags will decorate are also on the list.

Besides the apple bobbing game I usually draw a big witch and hang it on the door and have pin the witch's hat on (instead of pin the tail on the donkey), also a halloween treasure hunt is a great idea and kids love rummaging (outside is better if weather permits).  A Pumpkin bran tub in which you can put lots of small individually wrapped gifts is also good, if you can find a pumpkin big enough (or just use a cardboard box with a pumpkin painted on it).

As anybody else got any good ideas for halloween parties?

This post was written in Association with Alex and Alexia


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