Hotter Shoes

3 February 2012

Hotter shoes is based in the North West and produce 1.7 million pairs of shoes every year. They have an ethos which is built around comfort, with each shoe being made with specific comfort concept features. They have a huge selection of shoes & boots on their website for men & women & lots of choice for extra wide fitting too.

Charisma Boots - Women's Fringed Sheepskin Boot

Hotter shoes sent me from a pair of Charisma Boots to review for Sonia at - this is how I got on with them...

I must say I was a little dubious when I was approached to review these boots because I love my Ugg Boots. On the day they arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the care with which the boots were packaged and also included was some protector spray which is a great idea especially where sheepskin is concerned.

These boots have really sturdy soles and are really well made. They look great with jeans or with woolly tights and a skirt, and they are so comfortable! They are the cosiest boots I have ever worn! As soon as you put your feet in them they are so soft and snug inside I never want to take them off! Its like wearing a pair of cosy slippers out! They are great to wear whilst out shopping, as they are so easy to walk in and don't hurt your feet like other boots do.

I think every woman should own a pair of these boots, I have only had mine for a week and have never had them off my feet but they look in excellent condition still, so I think they will last ages. Even though they are expensive at nearly £100 (still cheaper than uggs), they are worth every penny, they are stylish, comfortable and I am glad I was given the opportunity to try them out.


  1. Hotter do some lovely shoes. Just keep an eye out for sales and offers.

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