Monday, 23 May 2016

African Friends Puzzle from Ravensburger

Me and Gee both look forward to receiving jigsaws to complete as it gives us time to unwind and chat about our day. We recently received the African Friends puzzle from Ravensburger which is bright and cheerful and depicts lots of wildlife babies. There are elephant, giraffe, gorilla, peacock, leopard, zebra and rhino to name a few. We received this puzzle just in time for the SATs as it gave us an excuse to put the books away and just chill out.  

This 300 piece quality jigsaw puzzle is certainly beautiful and Gee truly enjoyed doing it. Her affection for all animals meant she just could not wait to complete this puzzle and therefore we did it in one sitting. When complete the jigsaw measures 49cm x 36cm and is suitable for children aged 6 years and over.  Animal Friends puzzle costs around £7.99 and would make a fabulous gift for a birthday or just as a treat for helping out.  It is available on Amazon and from other leading toy shops.

We were sent this puzzle free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinion is our own. 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

My Sunday Photo 22nd May 2016

How I wish I was sitting by the sea this morning, there is something so calming about the waves and the sea air.  I love this photo that hubbie took whilst he was away this week.  Have a fabulous Sunday everyone x


Sunday, 15 May 2016

My Sunday Photo 15th May 2016

Well what a strange week, Gee has been doing SATs, I had an assignment to complete for Uni and time has taken it's toll on my blog.  So I have trawled through the hundreds of photos and found this one.  It takes me back to a fabulous holiday in Mexico.  It never ceases to amaze me how plants can grown in a hot climate with little or no water.

Have a great Sunday x


Sunday, 1 May 2016

My Sunday Photo 1st May 2016

After our puppy's accident several weeks ago it seems like an eternity since we were able to take him out.  Thanks to the excellent veterinary care he has received and now the intensive hydrotherapy he is attending, we have a puppy who is ready to explore again.  I can honestly say I have never felt so traumatised by an animal.  He is definitely one miracle puppy.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Bioskin Junior Review

It is so difficult finding Gee nice products for bath or shower time that do not irritate her skin and there is nothing she likes more than relaxing in a nice bath, she must take after me.

Gee has suffered with dry skin since she was a baby and whilst she doesn’t get bad eczema, it can get scaly and itchy.  Now that she is 11  years old she loves toiletries and some that she has used in the past have aggravated her skin, it is so hard finding nice smellies that do not cause this reaction.  Recently she  was sent a range from Salcura called Bioskin Junior which are designed for babies and children over 3 months of age. These help children who are prone to eczema, psoriasis and severely dry skin. 

The range uses only natural ingredients that is free from steroids, SLS, parabens, lanolin, phthalates, antibiotics and paraffin, working with the skin to aide its own healing process.  Gee used the following products on a daily basis for the last two weeks and we have noticed a marked improvement in her skin.
  • Daily Nourishing Spray – Gee used this daily after showering and it really did soak in to the skin quickly, with no need to rub it in at all. £9.99
  • Bathtime Bath Milk – This has to be my favourite product as it is a non greasy milk which soothes dry skin without leaving that slippery surface in the bath.  Just use 2-3 capfuls in the bath. £9.99
  • Bathtime Shampoo – Not only good for your hair but the scalp as well, it left Gee’s hair shiny and manageable. £8.99
  • Bathtime Face & Body Wash – A great all over wash what can be used even on the face, it is so gentle. £8.99
  • Outbreak Rescue Cream – This can be used if the skin becomes really dry or sore.  £9.99
Not only are these products good but the packaging is simple and attractive, especially to a 11 year old girl who loves to feel special and experience new toiletries like mummy. 

We were sent these products free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinion is our own.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Handbags at House of Fraser

I love handbags, what woman doesn’t and I definitely don't think that you can have too many.  I usually choose a bag that will be suitable for many occasions, taking me from work to going out and having fun, it must be able to accommodate my daily survival kit.

My handbag contains all my essential items to get me through the day, hidden in the depths you will find my phone, purse, make up, keys, tissues and mints. Recently I chose a lovely bag from the House of Fraser but with such a fabulous choice of designer bags and purses to choose from, the choice was difficult to make.

The bag I selected was from the White Stuff collection at House of Fraser. I love the Issy Cross Body Bag, with its classic shape and panelled leather detail. There are plenty of pockets to hold all those small items you are forever losing in the bottom, like your keys and a useful zipped compartment to keep things safe, along with a pocket to keep your phone secure.

Whilst the outside of the bag is a supple brown leather, the interior lining is cotton with a wonderful abstract design. The bag is 30cm long by 24cm wide which is a perfect size for taking out at anytime of day. It is ideal when I am out walking or shopping as it leaves my hands free to use my camera or trawl through the rails of clothes in shops. With a reasonable price of £49.99 it also falls within my budget when buying a bag, yes if I had lots of money spare I most probably would buy a designer bag, but for now I am so happy with the bag I received.  This bag is really well made and the stitching and attention to detail is just first class.

The House of Fraser have so many bags to choose from, you will literally be spoilt for choice but will have great fun looking.

I was sent this item free of charge for the purpose of this review.

My Sunday Photo 24th April 2016

This week we have had some amazing evenings and it has been so lovely to get outdoors after a hard day at work.  There is something so calming being near water and the sunset was amazing. This lone swan was casually swimming by, just waiting to be snapped.