Sunday, 22 March 2015

New Dinosaur Attraction - West Midlands Safari Park

Last weekend we visited West Midlands Safari Park for a preview of a new attraction which opens on the 21st March.  We started our day by driving the 4 miles around the safari where you can see over 180 different species of animals.  It was quite an overcast day but still busy and it took us about 11/2 hours to drive around, which wasn't too bad considering there was plenty to see.

We bought a packet of animal food from the entrance and Grotbags enjoyed feeding the animals on our journey, some of them can be quite cheeky and one even tried to take the box, instead of the food being offered.

One of my favourites was the lions and tigers, I just love seeing them in their natural habitat.  They look so majestic and the tigers were basking in the limited sunshine on offer.
The giraffes liked to block the road, the one in this photo was being rather stubborn and it took the ranger a while to get him to move on to the grass so we could drive past.  After we had driven through the safari we visited the park and I was surprised how much there was to do.

There are different areas to the park itself, the Discovery Trail, Adventure Theme Park, Tiny Tots Theme Park and African Village.  Various shows happen throughout the day and we managed to watch the Sealion Show and listen to a very informative talk about Reptiles.  Wash stations and toilets are situated throughout the Park which I found really helpful. 

We then visited the Land of the Living Dinosaurs the UKs largest animatronic dinosaur display, featuring 38 life size dinosaurs all with moving eyes, mouth and neck, isn't this an amazing entrance? A skeleton of T-Rex embedded in the archway.

The lady at the entrance had this rather cute baby dinosaur which appeared to have just hatched and I must say it looked rather weird as it wriggled and moved about.

Of course my husband the clown always has to get a funny photo along the way!  I must admit I am rather glad dinosaurs no longer exist, those jaws look rather formidable.

Grotbags was a little wary at first, I think due to the sound effects which were really authentic, it felt like you was walking around a lost world.

We had a fantastic time and will definitely be returning.  Next time we will allow ourselves a lot more time and probably stay overnight nearby as there is so much to see and do.  The admission price for the Safari is £19.99 for adults and £14.99 for children which includes entrance to the Land of the Living Dinosaurs, animal encounters and discovery zones.  The theme park is charged extra and you can buy wristbands which work out a lot cheaper than buying tickets.

We were sent tickets free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinions are our own.

Black and White Week 37

Last weekend we visited West Midlands Safari Park and I just loved these little guys all huddled up together under a heat lamp, if only I could have squeezed under there too!

Silent Sunday 22nd March 2015


Friday, 20 March 2015

Michelin #CrossClimate Tyres Launch - A Trip to Geneva

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the launch of Michelin CrossClimate tyres in Geneva which coincided with the International Motor Show, boring you may think but the whole event was far from it.  As a female driver who probably does not know as much about tyres as I should, I found the whole experience informative and came away with a lot more knowledge.  Living in the rural Peak District driving can be quite challenging at times, road surfaces continuously change especially throughout the winter months and this can lead to dangerous driving conditions on summer tyres.

The new CrossClimate tyre is aimed at the European market where weather is unpredictable. It is the first summer tyre with winter certification and can adapt to different climates. If you are like me, you probably do not change your tyres, keeping the same ones all year round and until now I was not aware that I was putting myself and my family in jeopardy, after all would you compromise on safety and buy a cheap car seat for your child?  The same can be said about tyres,  summer tyres are not made for winter driving conditions, this is not just snow but colder temperatures too.  CrossClimate tyres have taken 3 years to develop and have been tested in 7 countries completing 5,000,000 kilometres, which is a lot of miles.

I actually got the chance to test drive a car fitted with the CrossClimate tyres on the Du Col De La Facille which leads to the Jura mountains on the France and Switzerland border, the road conditions were wet with slush and ice in places, after a pit stop in a lovely mountain hotel with lots of snow in the car park I considered these tyres well and truly tested.  The car handled really well (no slipping or sliding) and road noise was minimal.

After our trip in to the mountains I was also given the chance to test the tyres on different road surfaces, comparing them with Michelin summer tyres, this involved dry braking, driving around a wet roundabout at 38km and up a snow covered slope.  I was really impressed with the CrossClimates tyres performance, I actually felt so much safer driving with these fitted.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.  CrossClimates will be available to buy in May to fit a range of wheel sizes from 15 - 17 inches.  I'm just hoping I can talk hubby into buying me some.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the guys at Michelin for taking me to this event, I had an amazing time and met some lovely people.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Black and White Week 36

This week I managed to get a photo of Mr Fluff, that was after he had finished destroying my selection or ornamental grasses.  He has to be the biggest, fattest, laziest cat I know, that is until spring comes and then he is continuously mousing, one lean, mean, killing machine.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Black and White Week 35

I had a flying visit to Geneva this week and loved every minute of it. Would love to live in one of these houses.