Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Barbie Colour Me Cute

There is a new addition to the Barbie family, Barbie Colour Me Cute.   Barbie is supplied with a rather cute puppy, washstand, basin and brush.  Her outfit and puppy can be transformed using water as they having colour change features.  Grotbags really liked Barbie’s flowery skirt and high black heels (what is it with girls and heels) and her hair is beautifully straight and sleek.

Grotbags loves playing and creating, she especially likes to design clothes and shoes at the moment, so was happy to try out the new Barbie.  To start she filled the basin with ice cold water and using the brush provided created colourful designs on Barbie’s top, she liked the fact that if she made a mistake it would disappear as the top dried and she could do it again. 

The puppy needs to be dipped in ice cold water until he turns white and then by using warm water his colour can slowly be revealed.  Grotbags found this confusing at first as you did the opposite on the puppy to Barbie’s top but once she got the hang of it she was ok.

Another cute playset from Barbie which is ideal for children aged 3 years and above and retails at around £24.99.

We were provided with this item free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Scrapbooking with #BostikBloggers

This month's theme for the  Bostik Craft Box from the Bostik Family Bloggers Network is Scrapbooking.  When the box arrived it contained lots of lovely collage materials, ribbon, fimo, glitter glue, buttons, shapes, rainbow paper and my favourite Bostik Sticky Dots and foam pads. Grotbags could not wait to create a scrapbook with all her animals in and had lots of fun, I must say that I did not provide any help on this project at all.

Scrapbooking can be anything you want it to be and usually involves photographs and things you love.  Grotbags wanted to show off some photos of her animals and by layering papering and using lots of different textures such as tape, ribbon and buttons she created something that she is proud of.   I don't think she did a bad job at all.

Her next project is to make a scrapbook for her uncle who was recently diagnosed with Leukaemia, she thinks he would like a book with all the family in it which is a lovely thought and she would like me to help her with this one. I love receiving these boxes as it is encouraging her to be more creative, who'd think when her OCD was at its worst that she would never have considered using anything sticky or messy.

Our craft box was provided free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.

Breville Toaster and Toast Art

What is more annoying than bread that does not fit in the toaster?  I more or less always buy Warburtons toastie bread and it really amazes me why they make bread that does not all fit in the toaster, that was until now....  

Breville have now designed a new toaster with Warburtons bread in mind, no longer will you have to turn your toast half way through cooking.  The slots on the new toaster are deeper which means no white bits at the top of the toast and with variable controls you can have your toast the shade you like it.  It also has a unique Lift & View facility which does not interrupt the cooking cycle and allows you to check on the cooking progress, along with defrost and cancel buttons.

Grotbags has been practising some artwork on her toast, by simply adding tomato, celery, egg and cheese shapes she came up with a steam engine, it's surprising what you can add to liven up your bread, although I prefer mine with lots of lurpak (which is very naughty).  

We had a fabulous time trying out the new toaster, small things make me happy (sad I know) but having perfectly toasted bread as to be one of life's treasures.

I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. 

Monday, 11 May 2015

Do You Pamper Your Feet?

Do you pamper your feet?  Well I certainly have become a lot more aware of my feet since I started suffering with joint pain, gone are the days when I could walk around in heels, I now prefer to wear flats made of breathable fabrics which support my feet and I only wear heels on special occasions.  Considering our feet support our whole body weight we often neglect them which can lead to lots of problems which can lead to pain and discomfort.

The kind folk at Premier Health and Hygiene recently sent me some pampering products to relieve my aching feet.
  • CCS Foot Care Cream - this foot cream is fabulous, so rich and creamy, it has really improved the skin on my feet.  Priced at £3.95 I think it is a great price.
  • Gehwol Extra - protects against lots of foot conditions and warms the foot, it contains eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender and thyme oil and is priced at £2.96.
  • Gehwol Fusskraft Mint - a lovely cooling mint lotion which absorbs really quickly leaving your feet feeling so refreshed, priced at £3.01.
  • Pediroller - to relieve pain in the heel and foot arch by rolling it under your foot for 3-5 minutes twice a day, I really love this and find it really helps.  The Pediroller costs £2.99.
  • Silipos Gel Metatarsal Pads - to help reduce pain under your metatarsal heads.  I haven't used these as yet but when I put my heels on I am definitely going to try them, priced at £3.82.
Why not give your feet a weekly treat, a nice hot soak to relieve the aches and pains followed by a pedicure which you can do yourself at a fraction of the cost.  My tip is to apply lots of foot cream before bed and wear a pair of cotton socks, you can then wake up to supersoft feet in the morning.

I was sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Silent Sunday 10th May 2015


Black and White Week 44

I just love old buildings and came across this one on the Peak Trail in Derbyshire last week whilst we were enjoying a family stroll.  I thought the shapes were great especially around the roof, the level sign really stood out too.  The stainless steel chimney looked quite out of place though!

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Black & White Week 43

I have been really withdrawn for the last couple of weeks, lots of ill health and bad news and I just have not had the time to blog, I am really going to try this week to catch up with everyones photos and become involved.  The photo below sums my life up at the minute.